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Friday, 23 August, 2019
ZOOMLION CIFA/HINO700 Concrete Mixer Truck (Xiangtan, Hunan.) [Zoomlion Concrete Machinery][1] Brand Zoomlion/CIFA Chassis
Brand Hino700 Model Hino700 Released date 2010 Fob price(Appreciated with customer proposal
and negotiation price) USD25000 Drive mode 6*4 Cabin GreyFS2844, 3seats Engine Model Hino E13C
WB Emissionstandard Euro5 Max output p...
Refurbished Concrete Mixer Truck (Xiangtan, Hunan.) Remanufacturing is the process of revitalizing old machinery and equipment. It takes old machine
equipment as blank, adopts special craft and technology, a new manufacture is carried out on the
basis of the original manufacturer, and the remanufactured products are as good as the original ones
in bo...
6 Section Boom Concrete Pump Truck (Xiangtan, Hunan.) Define of 6 Section Boom Concrete Pump Truck The six section pump truck, as the name implies, is a
product type of the pump truck. With the help of six steel arms, it creatively USES bionics
technology to integrate the mechanism of human hand movement and insect foot movement into the
design of con...
Thursday, 22 August, 2019
49m Concrete Pimp Truck ( Xiangtan, Hunan.) The 49-meter [advanced concrete pumping][1] is a kind of common construction vehicle, which is
internationally advanced in key performances such as pumping efficiency, comprehensive fuel
consumption and arm frame vibration. It is complicated to operate the 49m pump truck. It is
necessary to follow c...
46m Concrete Pump Truck ( Xiangtan, Hunan.) The 46-meter concrete pump, also known as the small orthopaedic concretepumping, is always used in
the construction of floor heating. It can be used in the construction of various projects in the
south, the conveyance of refractory and thermal insulation materials and the construction of many
Monday, 19 August, 2019
Walnut Oil Press Machine (Sichuan,China.) Introduction to the walnut oil extraction machine Walnut oil extraction machine presses the walnut
with a screw oil press. walnut oil press equipment can automatically control the temperature. With
intelligent equipment, it can press in all seasons. The production will not be delayed. According to
Soybean Oil Press Machine (Sichuan,China.) Soy oil is rich in linoleic acid. Linoleic acid has limited effect on reducing the risk of heart
disease. As linoleic acid is not heat-resistant, it is easy to oxidize and polymerize after frying
or repeated heat, which is very harmful to health. Press method is divided into two: general
press ...
Rapeseed Oil Press Machine (Sichuan,China.) [Rapeseed oil press machine][1] is mainly composed of electrical control, automatic heating,
adjustment, transmission, and vacuum oil filter. The screw is carburized by alloy steel to enhance
surface hardness and wear resistance. The platters are ground by the surface grinding machine. It
can guaran...
Peanut Oil Press Machine (Sichuan,China.) New [groundnut oil pressing machine][1] successfully makes up for the defect that the peanut cake
cannot be reused after being pressed at a high temperature. In the pressing, peanut will not be
pressed into a cake but has been reserved for the whole grain of defatted peanut kernel. In this
way, pean...
Coconut Oil Press Machine (Sichuan,China.) Coconut oil, made from coconut meat (copra) processing, has a wide application. It can be used in
detergents, resin, paint, soap, and other processing industry. Through refining, it can even be
edible with high nutritional value. In China's Yunnan, Hainan, Taiwan, coconut planting is wide. It
is a v...
Castor Oil Press Machine (Sichuan,China.) Castor oil extraction machine is composed of electrical control, automatic heating, adjustment,
transmission, and vacuum oil filter. The screw is carburized by alloy steel to enhance surface
hardness and wear resistance. The screw platter is ground by the surface grinding machine. It can
guarantee o...
Small And Medium Scale Single Oil Press Machine (Sichuan,China.) For small oil factory using- the processing capacity from 50kg/h to 200kg/h, with the
characteristics of the small investment, wide compatibility, high efficiency, low consumption,
simple operating, stable function, easy maintenance, high productivity, and high oil
output. Product Description Item...
https://www.hotfreelist.com/9/posts/1-For-Sale/19-Everything-Else/1235030-Home-Oil-Press.html (Sichuan,China.) The single [screw oil press machine][1] produced by Guangxin Manufacturer is suitable for squeezing
oil from various kinds of vegetable seeds like the peanut, sunflower seed, sesame, rapeseed,
soybean, cottonseed. The series of [screw type oil press][2] machine combined with the electric
heater h...
Home Oil Press (Sichuan,China.) YZYX40 [corn oil press machine][1]s, has a delicate appearance, compact structure, simple operation,
and is easy to disassemble and clean. Equipped with electric heating devices, using intelligent
control system, it always keeps squeeze cage setting the temperature to achieve temperature control,
YZYX120ZHWK Centrifugal Automatic Temperature Controlled Combined Oil Press (Sichuan,China.) YZYX120ZHWK combined oil press with centrifugal combines with the centrifugal oil filter above the
basic function of auto-heating the press cage by replacing the traditional manual wearing in way.
The crude oil from the press cage will directly flow into the hydration cylinder of centrifugal oil
Automatic Temperature Control Integrated Oil Press (Sichuan,China.) The automatic temperature controlled [integrated oil press][1] is built up with electricity
controlling part, electric frying part, and auto heating & squeezing system, vacuum filtrating
system. The electrical frying part mainly consists of an electrical heating device, insulating
material, fry...
Oil Press Machine (Sichuan,China.) As a professional of screw [oil press machine][1], Guangxin has designed for various needs of oil
press machines from the customers worldwide. The brand "Guangxin" oil press has always
been highly admired since its foundation. The main product, screw oil press, used to press oil from
Saturday, 17 August, 2019
Buy Triple Glazed Blue Skylights (United Kingdom) We manufacture and supply the UK and Romford based glazing products like Roof lights, Skylight,
Customized light, etc to the architectures, contractors and homeowners according to their
requirements. We have specialist suppliers for our products who will give you secured delivery with
best Packing o...
Friday, 16 August, 2019
Oil Press Machine (Sichuan,China.) Contact Us As a professional of screw [oil press machine][1], Guangxin has designed for various
needs of oil press machines from the customers worldwide. The brand "Guangxin" oil press
has always been highly admired since its foundation. The main product, screw oil press, used to
press oi...
Thursday, 08 August, 2019
7200 Lumens DLP Laser Projector for Multiple projection in Large Venues (Shanghai DIDON Industrial Co., Ltd) DU7200 [large venue laser projecto][1]r has 7200 lumens brightness with the 1920*1200 resolution,
and the throw ratio of DU7200 is 0.79. It can supply to the exhibition hall, company exhibition, the
lecture hall of the university, the performance and others. Functions of Laser [1920x1200
Laser Light Source 7100 Lumens WUXGA Resolution Laser Projector DU710ST (Shanghai DIDON Industrial Co., Ltd) 7100 lumens brightness, 1920*1200(16:10)WUXGA resolution, 0.79 short throw laser projector DU710ST
[large venue short throw projector][1] has 7100 lumens brightness and it adopts DLP projection
technology with 1920*1200 resolution. The throw ratio of DU710ST is 0.79:1. It has the functions of
Laser Projector DU610ST (Shanghai DIDON Industrial Co., Ltd) 6100 lumens, 1920*1200 resolution, 0.79:1 throw ratio laser projector DU610ST has 6100 lumens
with 1920*1200 resolution. The throw ratio of DU610ST is 0.79:1. DU610ST has the function of
built-in edge blending function with the 17*17 geometric correction function. It is mainly used for
the museum...
6100 Lumens 1920x1200 1.2-2.13 Throw Ratio Laser Projector DU6100 (Shanghai DIDON Industrial Co., Ltd) 6100 lumens, 1920*1200 resolution, 1.2-2.13 throw ratio laser projector DU6100 [wuxga laser
projector][1] has 6100 lumens with 1920*1200 resolution. The throw ratio is adopted 1.2-2.13 zoom
with the shift lens function. DU6100 has the built-in edge blending function and the 17*17 geometric
6300 Lumens 1920x1080 0.25 Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector DM6300 (Shanghai DIDON Industrial Co., Ltd) 6300 lumens, 1024*768 native resolution, 1.24-2.21 throw ratio DM6300 has 6300 lumens with XGA
resolution. This [laser dlp projector 1080p][1] adopts 1.24-2.21 throw ratio, which can meet the
requirements of many different areas. This projector has the built-in edge blending and 17*17
geometric c...
Laser Projecto (Shanghai DIDON Industrial Co., Ltd) Laser projectors use laser beams to transmit images. The optical components of the [laser beam
projector][1] are mainly composed of RGB light valve, X prism, projection lens and drive light
valve. The laser beam passes through the corresponding optical elements and the beam expansion of
the proce...
Tuesday, 06 August, 2019
Stainless Steel Automatic Hydraulic Rising Bollard Model No. ZOJE-HB168 (ShenZhen,China.) •  The [hydraulic rising bollards][1] adopt an integrated independent power system, which is
easy to install, easy to maintain and of low failure rate. •  Collision type lifting road pile
has exclusive anti-collision structure design, more than 6 mm thick wall cylinder and double
Solar LED Reflective Road Studs Model No. ZOJE-RS105 (ShenZhen,China.) Led road stud is the flashing solar cell powered and maintenance-free lighting device used in road
construction to delineate and /or illuminate the lanes to road users during the day and night.  2)
The green reflective studs are charged up during the day by sunlight through the solar panels and fl...
Remote Control Parking Lock Model No. ZOJE-PL103 (ShenZhen,China.) • [Remote control parking][1] post is designed to provide parking for the general public, as well
as for drivers with special privileges and needs. Keep your private parking space reserved, make
sure that customers get car parking convenience and car security. • It's designed to preserve
and ...
Hydraulic Road Blocker Model No. ZOJE-RD3000 (ShenZhen,China.) Embedded [automatic road blocker][1] equipment is mainly composed of the roadblock machines,
hydraulic transmission stations, electric control parts, totally three parts. 1. Road blocker
machine The road blocker machine is mainly composed of turn swivel or lifting body, the housing
Thursday, 01 August, 2019
WiFi Inverter data logger (Room 2308, No.51 Gucheng Street, Shijingshan distr) Overview The Wi-Fi inverter data logger (WE3162/WU3162) has an embedded Wi-Fi module, which can
connect and transmit the data to remote monitoring portal via Wi-Fi. It can collect all the
accurately real-time data, including status, performance and alarms from [solar wifi inverter][1] by
standard c...
820 Mini Wheel loader (Shanghai China ) 1. High performance environmental protection engine imported from Japan 2. Whole hood can be
overturned, maintenance more convenient 3. Safety and comfortable driver protection guard/Cab 4.
Advanced ergonomic engineering design 5. [Hydrostatic transmission system][1] 6. Quick change with
PV Monitoring System (Room 2308, No.51 Gucheng Street, Shijingshan distr) Overview We can provide professional IoT solutions for customized remote management systems for PV
Power Plant/Solar systems. Up to now, many inverter manufacturers and PV enterprises have
established cooperation relationship with us, and more than 100000 units of monitoring equipment
with [power p...
Inverter Data Logger (Room 2308, No.51 Gucheng Street, Shijingshan distr) Inverter Data logger Introduction Inverter data logger is mainly used in distributed PV power
station. It records inverters' operation status and the generated power to make a long-term
monitoring of the PV system. As a high cost performance product, inverter [data logger for solar
power plant][1] ...