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Try to survive as long as possible in this thrilling game... Where you can't see anything! (Louisiana, USA) Are you the ultimate gamer? Try your hand at this new audiogame, created by two guys who just happen
to be blind. Can you survive without being able to see a thing? [Download Mine Racer today][1] and
try! (demo and paid versions available). Compatible with mac, windows and linux. [1]:
Friday, 03 March, 2017
Birds Protection Net Bangalore | Pigeon Net For Balcony Bangalore (Bangalore, Asia) Annapoorna Enterprises is one of the leading and the most trusted Quality Safety Netting Service
provider which has been serving its customers from the very first day of its existence. We are
basically from Bangalore and serve in almost every area.
Buy Italian Fresh Perigord Black Truffle (UK, Europe) You can buy fresh truffles online today from vorrei italian food - Fresh prized perigord black
truffles available year round! Free UK delivery on eligible orders! Various gourmet food stores
in major cities will stock truffles when they are in season. For White and Black Truffles that is
during autumn and winter, but there is another variety called the Summer Truffle (very similar to
the Black Truffle, which is in season from June to November. **Shop Now**: [Perigord Black
Truffles UK][1] [1]:
Akiles ProLam Ultra-X10 Laminator - Printfinish.com (Canada, Canada) Akiles ProLam Ultra-X10 Laminator Akiles ProLam Ultra-X10 Laminator features Laminate up
to 14 Mil. Programmable memory settings Auto shutoff Fast speeds (Model X10 – 142″ per
minute) Extra large opening (Model XL – 18.9″ opening for extra large pouches) Visit for
more info:
Quick and Easy Alkaline Diet Shortcuts (USA) An alkaline diet can be one of the best ways of increasing your overall health and sense of
well-being. Although some people mistakenly think that "eating alkaline" is complicated
and difficult to do, it's actually very easy to switch your diet from one that is overly acid to one
that is healthy and alkaline. If you want to experience the many health benefits of an alkaline
diet, there are some quick and easy ways to get fast results. You can experience better health,
better disease resistance, and an increased level of energy, among other benefits, simply from
switching to an alkaline diet. Contact Information: Tru Balance Water...
Check These Quick Facts about the Alkaline Diet and Water (USA) There's this ongoing debate on whether all the things surrounding alkaline water and diet are
actually true. Hundreds of users have claimed to have seen real changes in their lifestyle, while
others claim that it's all hoax. In this post, we will try to talk of some of the aspects about this
concept in detail. For starters, it must be added that alkaline diet is a kind of food concept,
which says that eating foods and beverages that are alkaline in nature will flush toxins out of the
body and help in keeping diseases at bay. To be honest, most of the available benefits surrounding
the diet and 9.5pH alkaline water come from claims, as the resea...
Thursday, 02 March, 2017
An Appropriate Time to Drink Water for Losing Weight (USA) A study was made of an appropriate time to drink water for losing weight. It was found that drinking
two glasses of water prior eating a meal, encouraged greater weight loss; than a group who drank
water with or after a meal. This is significant for considering the best time to hydrate your body.
Drinking with a meal will dilute the meal content and therefore dilute the valuable nutrients in the
food. The timing to drink is also important because drinking before a meal allows the water to be
directed to solely hydrating your body. Drinking a small amount of water with food allows the food
to be better mixed with the gastric juices, but will not hy...
Alkaline Water Benefits Your Body without a Doubt (USA) Alkaline water benefits our body because it can neutralize the pH inside our body that is acidic.
Let's elaborate more about the benefit of the water. Alkaline water is water that has pH above the
neutral value. Since our normal neutral pH is 7, the alkaline condition is achieved when the water
has pH over 7. The optimum pH in our body is pH 6.9 to 7.2, therefore when our body is acidic,
alkaline water benefits us by reacting with substances causing acidic to produce a more neutral pH.
Neutral pH is aimed to maintain a condition that is not suitable for diseases. Water that is
alkaline, better more is alkaline ionized water will flush acid wast...
Alkaline Water: The Health Benefits of Drinking It (USA) Water is vital for life and we are required to drink at the least 8 glasses daily to keep us healthy
and going. We should have knowledge of the different kinds of water and the advantages of drinking
them, such as the intake of alkaline water. The consumption of alkaline water makes the skin
younger-looking because it functions to hydrate the skin daily. The reason behind this is that water
of this type comprises minute ions that perform to make the skin supple and glowing. Contact
Information: Tru Balance Water Inc Web Site: www.trubalanceh2o.com 1415 South Voss
#110-274 Houston, TX 77057 Telephone: 346-907-8400 Emai...
Pure Water - Alkaline Water (USA) Our lifestyle has tilted the balance in our body leading to extreme acidity and vulnerability to
diseases. Water ionizers come to our rescue and provide us with clean, pure alkaline water that
restores alkaline-acid balance. Our entire body structure seems to be floating in water,
considering that more than seventy percent of it is composed of water. We need to drink at least 3-4
liters of alkaline water daily to replenish the losses and to ensure that all acid is neutralized
and that there is enough water to carry nutrients and minerals to the cells. Contact Information:
Tru Balance Water Inc Web Site: www.trubalanceh2o.com 1415 ...
Higher Nature - Vital Anti-Oxidants (USA) Higher Nature supplements claim to fame is in the power of anti-oxidants ability to counter free
radicals. It is helpful in recovery of muscles stressed by exercise and helps maintain general heart
health and well-being. This amino acid helps our body produce energy and is vital for muscle
movement as well as heart and brain functions. A fatty acid, Alpha Lipoic is found in every cell in
our body and required to produce energy to keep our body functioning as it should. Contact
Information: Tru Balance Water Inc Web Site: www.trubalanceh2o.com 1415 South Voss
#110-274 Houston, TX 77057 Telephone: 713-443-1959 Email: info@t...
Serve the best with Unique catering products (Peer Gaib Street, Bansi Gali, Moradabad-244001, Asia) Everybody loves parties, functions with friends and family. Most important thing is catering
services it can spoil your party. So [choose the best and unique catering products][1]. Rana
Overseas has a wide range of Catering jugs, Cutlery, Menu stand, Rice Warmers, Serving Dish, two
sets, Serving glasses and much more at very reasonable price. [1]:
Go For Oxygen Cylinders At Heavy Discount (New Delhi, India, Asia) OXY99 [oxygen cylinders][1] come packaged in tiny canisters made up of aluminum containing 6 liters
of oxygen comprising 150 inhalations. Effectiveness of the oxygen canister can be gauged from the
fact that upon inhaling from the can you would get instant energy. The oxygen cylinders are
manufacturing using the best process technology. **Book Your Pack Today And Avail The
Discount!** Call: +919650804044 Email: info@oxy99.in Visit website:
http://www.oxygencylinder.in [1]: http://www.oxygencylinder.in
Opt For Portable Oxygen Cylinder For Increased Oxygen (New Delhi, India, Asia) OXY99 [portable oxygen cylinder][1] weighs just 100 grams comprising of 6 liters of portable oxygen
cylinder and make up round 150 inhalations. OXY99 portable oxygen cylinder is manufactured by L.
& A. BOSCHI of Italy, which is a world leader in oxygen products. **Place Your Order Today
And Get A Heavy Discount.** Email: info@oxy99.in Call: +919650804044 Visit website:
http://www.portableoxygencylinder.com [1]: http://www.portableoxygencylinder.com
send flowers to Kolkata,Delhi online florist,gift shops in Delhi In Gurgaonflorist.com (Gurgaon, Asia) [Gurgaonflorist.com][1] provide same day delivery right at the door step. We have numerous types of
flowers and gifts to make your day even more special. We deliver flowers for various occasions, be
it a birthday party, office party, wedding anniversary, etc. We understand the importance of timely
delivery and thus keep on strengthening our distribution system to provide attractive flowers and
gifts all over India. [1]: http://www.gurgaonflorist.com/
Avail Heavy Discount On Buying Portable Oxygen Cylinders (New Delhi, India, Asia) OXY99 [portable oxygen cylinders][1] are best increasing your productivity, increasing strength and
improving cognitive processes. Patients suffering from respiratory diseases will greatly benefit
from using portable oxygen cylinders. OXY99 oxygen cylinders come packaged in a tiny aluminum
canister containing 6 liters of oxygen that adds up to 150 inhalations. **Book Your Order Today
And Avail Heavy Discount!** Call: +919650804044 Email: info@oxy99.in Visit website:
http://www.portableoxygencylinder.in [1]: http://www.portableoxygencylinder.in
Hair Supplements (California, USA) TONEPEAK Hair Nutrition is a powerful, all-natural supplement designed to combat hair loss,
stimulate healthy hair growth and restore hair to its original color. Our health products are
manufactured to high standards of quality, efficacy and safety. **You Can Purchase Many Types Of
Nutrition Products!!** • Supplements To Build Muscle • Deer Antler Velvet Spray • IGF
1 Deer Antler Spray • IGF 1 Deer Antler Velvet • Deer Antler Capsules • Deer Antler
Velvet Capsules Get more information & other beneficial details about our services, please
find it at https://www.tonepeak.com/products/hair-nutrition **TONE...
Hospital Bags to Keeps Mums Comfortable (Southport Bc, Australia) If you are looking to stay well-equipped for your maternity stay in the hospital then just go online
and get in touch with Maternity Bag. Here you can buy high quality hospital bags for labour that
come pre-packed with items that you might need like nursing pads, snacks and toiletries. Source -
Catch masala online at best price at online Grocery Shop (Ghaziabad, Asia) [Buy catch masala online][1] at best price on Needsthesupermarket - [Online grocery Shop][2] for all
lastest spices and Masalas wide range of products with best service in Delhi NCR. More information
about products visit here [http://www.needsthesupermarket.com/811_catch][3] [1]:
http://www.needsthesupermarket.com/811_catch [2]: http://www.needsthesupermarket.com/ [3]:
Portable Oxygen Can: Perfect for Inhaling Pure Oxygen (New Delhi, India, Asia) OXY99’s [portable oxygen can][1] weigh 100 grams contains 6 liters of pure oxygen and make up
around 150 inhalations. Our oxygen can is manufactured by L. & A. BOSCHI of Italy, which is a
world leader in oxygen products. Oxygen can is manufactured under proper licenses and SOPS.
Book Your Order Today And Avail Heavy Discount! Call: +919650804044 Email:
info@oxy99.in Visit website: http://www.portableoxygencan.com [1]:
Hire Modern Designer Gardeners in Melbourne (Australia, Australia) #Gardeners Melbourne Are you looking for the best **[gardener in Melbourne][1]**? Here Tom's
Secret Garden is one of the best gardener expert landscaping, garden design, garden maintenance,
garden caring etc. Here Tom Remfry is one of the best gardeners offers garden maintenance packages
for domestic and commercial usage. With space often at a premium, plants in urban gardens have to
perform. We guarantee to make your garden wisely, and a classy, modern looking. [1]:
Block Printed Bed Sheets, Quilts, Cushions, Bed Covers, Duvets in Best Prices - Virasat (Jaipur, India, Asia) The term 'Virasat' means Legacy and as the name suggests, At Virasat, we bring the legacy to you.
Virasat is a family owned business pinned in the manufacturing and export of block printing,
vintage inspired, hand crafted products, home furnishings, textiles and fashion products. Virasat
has its roots based in India with its international office based in United Kingdom to cater to our
Clients in the UK, Europe and USA. The colours and patterns of the products are carefully chosen
to give each product a touch of lush and elegance that Virasat swears by. Our designs are a perfect
blend of contemporary sensibilities to the traditions of royalty ...
You Should Consider Vitamin Enhanced Water for Your Home (USA) It is believed that alkaline water can help in acid reflux in the body and can aid the metabolism
rate. It also helps in regulating the blood sugar levels, which will, in turn, assist in controlling
diabetes-related concerns. Most of the benefits of alkaline water have been reported by users around
the world. Welcome to Tru Balance Water – the best brand for alkaline vitamin enhanced water in
the US. As the leading name in the business, we care about our customers and offer all the details
related to high pH water on our website. As always, we like to inform that we take the extreme
measures to ensure the quality of production and packaging, ...
Wednesday, 01 March, 2017
GOLD DUST,NUGGETS AND BARS FOR SALE +256759426187 (Kampala, Asia) We act as agent for a gold producer in DRC and Uganda. We have 320 Kg of gold nuggets and 150kg of
gold bars ready for inspection and export. We are in search of gold buyers ready to take all or part
of this gold and enter into long term monthly or weekly contracts with our company. Serious buyers
willing to travel or send representatives or issue invitation letters to us to travel with the gold
to their country should contact us for fast transactions. We can have monthly quantities up to 1000
Kg and we are interested in Long term contracts though spot buyers are also welcome. The Seller
declares that he has the full legal title and possession of ...
We Mine and Sell Gold and Diamonds +23278442426 (Call/Whatsapp) (California, USA) **We have for sale 87 kilos of 22+ carats gold and 930 carats of rough diamonds.Interested buyer can
contact +23278442426 (Call/Whatsapp/Viber),Skype: dengodia2 or dengodia@gmail.com for a detailed
offer. Alfred Deen.**
Lift Manufacturers in Hyderabad (India, Asia) Bonsdag is one of the leading companies in the market. The head office of our business is situated
at Ludhiana, Punjabl. We have carved a niche amongst the most trusted names in this business,
engaged in manufacturing the comprehensive range of Passenger Lift, Electric Lift, and Manual Swing
Door Lift. These products are highly acclaimed for their utmost quality. [Lift Manufacturers in
Hyderabad][1] [1]:
Megger TDRs - Time Domain Reflectometers - Cable Fault Location (Technology DR. Tampa, USA) If locating cable faults, testing the integrity of the communication and power is your sphere of
work then Megger TDRs- time domain reflectometers-cable fault location device can come in handy for
locating cable faults and doing your job successfully. For More Information Please visit our
website: https://www.omnicontrols.com and call us: 1.800.783.6664
Megger Low Voltage Installation Tester (Technology DR. Tampa, USA) All clients, who are looking for acquiring low voltage installation testing equipments can go with
Megger low voltage installation tester because it is unique and can efficiently test electrical
wiring and other components in domestic commercial & industrial facilities. For More Information
Please visit our website: https://www.omnicontrols.com and call us: 1.800.783.6664
Buy Online Needs Moong Chilka at online Grocery Shop (Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR, Asia) Buy Online from exclusive range of Pulses, Moong Dal Chilka is a al for simple to cook Shop Online
for [Needs Moong Chilka][1] 1 Kg Rs. 95.00 Only on Needs the Supermarket - [online grocrey Shop][2]
in Delhi NCR. More information visit here
[1]: http://www.needsthesupermarket.com/other-dals/531-needs-moong-chilka.html#/weight-1_kg [2]:
http://www.needsthesupermarket.com/ [3]:
Megger Oil Test Sets (Technology DR. Tampa, USA) People who are working in various oil manufacturing sections of oil industry will like Megger oil
test sets because they are automatic & portable and can also perform correct breakdown voltage
tests on minerals, ester and silicon insulating liquids. For More Information Please visit our
website: https://www.omnicontrols.com and call us: 1.800.783.6664
Try an Alkaline Diet - Eating Alkaline Foods (USA) To become healthy you have to think healthy and this is why many people these days are turning to
alkaline food diets. This is excellent for both your health and for your body. People on this diet
have claimed they not only feel good but also have more energy, an improved digestion and much less
mood swings than before they started. Changing your lifestyle by adopting this alkaline diet
could make you feel a lot healthier than you do now. For more information on alkaline diets please
visit http://www.trubalanceh2o.com/benefits/ Contact Information: Tru Balance Water Inc
Web Site: www.trubalanceh2o.com 1415 South Voss #110-274 ...
A Water Ionizer is An Appliance Capable of Ionizing and Separating Water (USA) A water ionizer is an appliance capable of ionizing and separating water into alkaline and acidic
streams through a process called electrolysis. Ionized alkaline water is better known for its
benefits from drinking as it helps the body to maintain alkaline levels and to neutralize excess
acids. It also enhances metabolic reactions and the removal of waste, acids and other toxins that
may have been inappropriately retained by the body. This, in its own unique way, is a kind of
internal "cleaning". Most people also know that ionized acidic water can be used in
managing most common skin conditions including treatment and nourishment of the ...
Appointment Booking Solutions from Tensator (Illinois, USA) [Appointment booking solutions][1] to organise and plan your customer service in an advanced and
better way. These systems from Tensator increases your profitability by increasing customer
satisfaction rate. For further details visit www.tensatorgroup.com or email
weborders@tensator.com [1]: http://www.tensatorgroup.com/solutions/crowd-control/
Buy [temporary safety barriers][1] from Tensator G... (USA) Buy [temporary safety barriers][1] from Tensator Group. Available in different colors and finishes
the stanchions can be customized as per individual needs. Choose the one that best suits your needs
today. For further details visit [www.tensatorgroup.com][2] or email weborders@tensator.com
[1]: http://www.tensatorgroup.com [2]: http://www.tensatorgroup.com
Free Online POS Software for Restaurant and Retail Business (chennai, Europe) Unavu POS is a Free Online POS Software and Inventory Management Software for Restaurant and Retail
Business. This Point of Sale Software is a Cloud based POS Software, Available in all versions like
Android, iphone, iPad, Tablets, Pc and More... For More information ,please visit:
http://unavuapp.com/features Reach us at:4449528984,8189855678
Tuesday, 28 February, 2017
7.85" NuVision Tablet - 16GB w/ Intel Quad Core 1.83 GHz ATOM 2015 Edition (USA) Product Description The NuVision TM785A520L tablet features a 7.85 inch diagonal, high-definition
IPS screen with a 1024 x 768 pixel resolution for an incredibly bright and sharp display. This
light, portable tablet is powered by an Intel ATOM Quad-Core processor with speeds up to 1.83GHz for
snappy web browsing and application performance. It features 0.3MP front and 3MP rear camera
allowing you to take vivid, clear pictures and share them on your social network via WiFi. The 16GB
of storage will hold volumes of your favorite music, videos, and apps. Get More Info:
SANDAWANA MONEY POWER OILS FOR SALE IN NELSPRUIT. +27781462469 (27jan smut street, Africa) SANDAWANA MONEY POWER OILS FOR SALE IN NELSPRUIT. +27781462469 Profmagwa describes how to use (
sandawana money power oil ) it's a matter of applying it every day It will attract all the rich
people to you so that you can do business with them. Apply when going to meet high rich people
they will automatically accept you. Apply when you want to apply for tender, apply when you need
promotion. Win lotto, casinos, betting games, auctions and other gambling's. Widen your luck
in life, this is available to make you rich. Money can be attracted to you.... How??? Just make a
For more information contact Email: profmagwah@gmail....
The Best Educational Tool for Math, Science, Accounting, Complex Calculations (California, USA) **The Best Educational Tool for Math, Science, Accounting, and Complex Calculations** You no
longer have to worry about teaching and learning math, or see the subject as uninteresting and
tedious. This engaging educational tool combines the functions of a scientific calculator with the
core fundamentals of the different areas of math in a simple and easy-to-use app. If you want to
solve a math problem, just select a mode - calculator, graph, or table - type out the equation and
the calculator will display intermediate results as you type to solve the problem and lead you
logically to the answer. See demo video. https://youtu.be/doIYR6hUCpg ...
Buy Online Best Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder in UK (Europe) Buy online top quality & best organic Matcha Green tea powder at affordable price from
Nutriextracts.co.uk. Shop now; get Free Delivery on all UK orders! ***[Matcha Green Tea Powder
UK][1]*** [1]: https://www.nutriextracts.co.uk/product/matcha-powder/ Contact Us-
Company name:- NUTRIEXTRACTS Business Mail id:- info@nutriextracts.co.uk Address:- 1 the
catkins City:- PETERBOROUG County:- Cambridgeshire Post code:- pe1 4qn Country:-
United Kingdom Phone:- 07754914212
Top Quality Honey Bee Queens for Sale Online (USA) Welcome to Sleeping Beezzz, here you can find the top quality Honey Bee Queens & Nucleolus Hives
for sale online. Free shipping applies to most orders over $100 sent standard ground service within
the lower 48 states. Visit our website for more details! ***[Top Quality Queen Bees For
Sale][1]*** [1]: http://www.sleepingbeeshoney.com/nucs-queens.html Contact Us:- Brand
name:-Sleeping Beezzz! Honey LLC Address:- 5775 Oak Valley Rd City:- Toccoa Post Code:-
30577 Country:- USA Business Mail id:- SLEEPINGBEESHONEY@GMAIL.COM
Indian Astrology Horoscope (Washington, USA) If you believe in future prediction then you can visit ZiFiti.com and find your future prediction
buy top most Indian future Predictor and you also know about your horoscope.Visit us and find our
all category products.For more details please visit us:
Options Trader Reveals Trading Secrets In Video Course (USA) The Trading Pro System is the ultimate real world options trading education course. This is the
original course that has sold many thousands of copies over the last few years to raving reviews
from option traders. Watch over the shoulder of a real trader as he explains in detail the
techniques and strategies you can learn in order to make money trading both bull and bear markets,
in just 15 minutes a day. The focus of this course is on Iron Condors, Credit and Calendar
Spreads The system can used for trading options on regular stocks and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)
such as the QQQ, SPY and DIA This course contains over 25 hours of video a...
Buy the most lavish Golden Chopsticks (Chatsworth, USA) As the name suggests [igneous chopsticks][1] are inspired by the crystallization process of lava,
with golden design resembling the royal and luxurious lifestyle. [1]:
Book ads posting sites in India (Noida, Asia) There are various options of Book ads posting sites in India. On this classified site, you can post
the add with the full description such as author, edition, publication and prices of the book etc.
so that buyer can reach you easily. To Get more details:
http://resalerental.com/post-ad-book.php Facebook:
https://www.facebook.com/ResaleRentalNoida Twitter: https://twitter.com/_ResaleRental
Monday, 27 February, 2017
2008 Polo Gti turbo for sale (Johannesburg, Africa) Vw Polo 1.8i gti with sunroof leather interior design mags cd player power steering electric windows
aircon airbags. Trade ins and swaps considered
Need to buy an open car hauling trailer? (Texas, USA) If you are in need of an open car hauling trailer, then give **[Infinity Trailers][1]** a try. We
offer a wide range of car hauling trailers to choose from. We pride ourselves in providing the best
quality product at reasonable rates. Be it a 5 car hauler, 6 car hauler or even 4 car hauler, we are
always there to provide you with the top notch trailering equipment. For more details, contact
our help desk. [1]: http://www.infinitytrailers.com/
__New Website Address, Same Great Products!__ (Worldwide, Europe) Software! Beads! Fragrances! Coffee! Newspapers! Magazines! Jewelry! Shoes! Gifts! &
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Vind hier Stoelhoezen Peugeot Boxer van Superieure kwaliteit (Europe) Carstyling verkoopt een mooie kwaliteit automatten en kofferbakmatten die zeker passen in uw auto.
Het materiaal is sterk en heeft een luxe uitstraling wat uw auto ten goede komt. Ook kunt u in onze
webshop terecht voor Super Kwaliteit **[stoelhoezen Peugeot Boxer][1]**. Contact US: Brand
name : Carstyling Address : Peppelweg 22A City : Rotterdam Post code : 3052 GK Country
: Netherlands Phone : 010-7420383 Business Mail id : info@automattenopmaat.nl [1]:
Danone Dahi 400gm Buy 1 Get 1 Free on Needs the Supermarket (Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR, Asia) [Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer running danone Dahi][1] - Plain 400 gm at Rs 50.00 online on Needs the
Supermarket [Online Grocery Store][2] in delhi NCR where Find a wide range of danone products online
in Delhi NCR. more information visit here
] [1]:
[2]: http://www.needsthesupermarket.com/ [3]:
Get the Lastest Bikes on Rent in Delhi - Royal India Bikes (New Delhi, Asia) Want to rent Super bikes at the lowest prices? Different types of bikes are available online for
hire now in Delhi only at Royal India Bikes. We have a bike rental platform that aims to make bike
renting in Delhi hassle-free. For More Info: http://www.royalindiabikes.com/bike-rentals-in-delhi/
Buy High Quality Roll Off Trucks Online (USA) It takes a team of highly skilled and experience people with an eye for detail and a passion for
making it like their own, to make sure a ready to work truck is delivered. Whether your selling new
or used roll off trucks, the same attention to detail has to be adhered to, at all times. When
dealing with new trucks and roll off equipment, there’s always the possibility of air leaks,
electrical issues, hydraulic, oil, or other fluid leaks, and yes, even the occasional engine or
transmission issue. At Alliance Refuse Trucks, our inspection technicians are trained to look
for these details, in both new and used equipment, and notify the general ...

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